Friday, March 23, 2007

A simple story of a girl that loves a boy.

Eight years ago my husband and I stood in this house surrounded by a few wedding crashers (planned on only a few people but got possibly 50). Fun was had by all. People brought gifts and food! Who knew? And it has been sort of sappy, fairytale-ish ever since. Seriously. We just really like each other.

Here is a poem in honor of my love. Feel free to gag and leave now, if you stay - don’t say you weren’t warned. I didn’t know my husband when I wrote this, but I wrote it for him anyway. It is one of the ways I recognized him when we met. I knew I was talking to him here.

and I think you could
know to help me (lazily)
name the little white
flowers that lay
scattered; with joy
(under trees) with moss
carpet and small
unkissable frogs

child, and can hold
me there (and here)
soft, maybe like
the moss (unkissable)
but for me I find
your lips most (tiny
turned up corners)
flowers (kissable) and wine

And here he is. What is not to love here? Happy Anniversary my love!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Here is a long distance birthday card! My kids love using iMovie and photobooth to ham it up and gave me perfect material for this:

Hope your year is the best one ever. We love you dad!