Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's the tiny moments that count...

When we look back in the past the moments that jump out at us are just that... moments. Small, potent bits of time in an otherwise hurried, stressful and micromanaged lifetime. Remember the time you rocked your sick baby all night long just to make sure he stayed breathing? It doesn't come to mind in all of it's dry-mouthed, sleeping-limbed, glory - it is the memory of kissing his warm cheek, just the two of you in the silent world of 3am that stands out.

I think we can harness these small morsels of life and change the world. Call me a dreamer. But I am a creative dreamer at least. Plus, I get a lot done and don't thrive on stress. If creating something does it for me, then maybe it can help some other people too. I have found many inspiring sites that have helped me to pull all my endeavors together into this blog project, and I will share the links to those throughout the blog. Though my biggest personal time sapper is the internet so I have had to learn when to stop browsing and start making my own stuff.

Along with making stuff, I sell stuff and give stuff. I don't like to clog the home with too much as my family and I tend to get cranky when closed in. I have found that if I let go of my creations I am a happier person and sometimes my pocketbook is a bit happier too. I personally believe it is part of the process, this creating and letting go. Like releasing the creative energy into the universe or something heady like that.

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