Thursday, November 15, 2007

Warning: Poetry Ahead

Disclaimer: Poetry geek here. So if you choose to read this blog, you might get some on you. You have been warned. (Not that I am a good poet or knowledgeable in any real way about the poets I like. The right words just make me breathe better. So who can fight that?)
It is my birthday and that means I get what I want, right? And I am in the mood for ee cummings poetry. Here are a couple favorites. I once made a big clunky tea set carved all over with his poetry. I still have it and maybe I will post pictures of it sometime. I love the set because it was one of the first cool things I completed in pottery. But it doesn’t do too well as a serving set. The teapot weighs like 100 pounds. Oh well, on with the poems...

may my heart always be open to little
birds who are the secrets of living
whatever they sing is better than to know
and if men should not hear them men are old

may my mind stroll about hungry
and fearless and thirsty and supple
and even if it's sunday may i be wrong
for whenever men are right they are not young

and may myself do nothing usefully
and love yourself so more than truly
there's never been quite such a fool who could fail
pulling all the sky over him with one smile

And another

since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;

wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a far better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don't cry
--the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids' flutter which says

we are for each other: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis

I have to admit that I have always had a secret romantic desire to have a scruffy, rugged, heroic figure say to me and a deep gruff voice..."lady, I swear by all flowers". Cheesy, yes? But my fantasy all the same. This is why I should write romance novels.

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