Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tummy Bugs and Restless Me

My son was sick today. He is still small enough to hold in a small ball of warm kid all day and I am both grateful and weary from that fact. He used to be great at warning us when he was going to be sick. For whatever reason he picked up his sister’s trick of saying he is fine and throwing up as soon as he falls asleep. He “got” two beds, four pillows, seven blankets, multiple family member outfits, all of his pajamas, and actually hit the bucket a few times. Yes. That is a LOT of vomit. I was very worried for awhile as he did seem to get very dehydrated for a bit, but luckily he perked up quickly after that point.

It is so strange how a kid can go from totally healthy one minute, to completely zombie sick the next. It seems like whenever I get sick it sort of half gets me for days before it strikes, then lingers for awhile after. Though today was a rough day, I think I’d rather go back to the kid lightning round version of the tummy bug.

Bah, I don't feel like doing much of anything after today. I am rather skittish about going to sleep right now due to being awakened so often today in a blaze of kid illness frenzy. But I am not feeling clever enough to do much of anything. Sometimes I wish video gaming was my hobby (my whole family games), instead of everything else. Having one hobby would mean I could spend less time thinking of what to do and just getting on with it already.

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