Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fun on the computer...

Today we’ve been playing around with geeART16. Link here. I feel it is a great deal. You get Corel Painter Essentials with the year membership to the site, and that seems like a pretty fun little program on its own. The kids loved the free demo so much that I went ahead and splurged on the package. It was under $30 and I enjoyed the lesson and learned from it as well. So pretty much like it all around.

The other site we’ve been playing on is this.. Pokemon Learning League. It is aimed at grades 3-6 and definitely some of it will be over the kids heads but we signed on for the free month trial membership and have had several days of enjoyment from it. Besides, it got my kids to understand the different types of angles, went deeper into the water cycle than we’ve dived before (pun intended), learned about the earth’s rotation and how that effects days and seasons, and pretty much gives me ideas on other stuff to go into that I might not have realized they could be ready for.

The price for this straight off the site is high! I think $159 for a year of access. Ouch. It is aimed at school districts. But I found it on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op , which is free to join, and can get a membership through them for $50 that lasts until the end of December. Not too bad for what we’ve been getting out of it. But I think I will play out my free month and review the decision.

I know of so many people that are anti-computer for little ones. But I have always found them fun and useful and so do my kids. Ever since Starfall practically taught my daughter to read, I’ve been a fan of the computer as a learning tool. Besides, if my kids didn’t play with imovie, I would have absolutely no video of them at all. Bad mommy!

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