Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ramona and the Fear of Smoking...

Viricapnity (VI-ri-KAP-ni-tee) - The aura of virile sexuality presumed to emanate from a man who is smoking.

When I was young (as in old enough to have fun and young enough to enjoy it without guilt and conscience), the above word described a particular obsession I had and therefore the unfortunate fact that most of my boyfriends were in fact, smokers. Now I am old, (aahhh.. but wiser?, and with the afore lacking conscience) and married a man who is the image of squeaky clean. Something both my mother and I still puzzle over but are happy about. :)

When I was very young I loved the Ramona series of books and have been sharing that joy with my daughter. We are on Ramona and her Father, the book in which 2nd grade Ramona goes on a campaign to stop her father from smoking. Silly me didn't remember the plot and was skipping over the random passages about Ramona's father having a cig earlier in the book (censorship, smensorship). Then, bam... the whole plot came to a point where the Quimby girls were at war to save their father from death, black lungs, air pollution, the whole scary works.

Now, my daughter has a mild phobia of smoking and smokers and keeps reassuring me that her future husband will not be a smoker. She is very worried about this.

I on the other hand... Sigh. There is just something about that inhale and slow exhale... You think if I got dh some candy cigs and he went through the motions of smoking, it would be the same? Am I sick?

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