Friday, January 25, 2008

Warning: Poetry ahead...

Disclaimer: Poetry geek here. So if you choose to read this blog, you might get some on you. You have been warned. (Not that I am a good poet or knowledgeable in any real way about the poets I like. The right words just make me breathe better. So who can fight that?)

I know a bit about grieving and the death of young actors always brings back the pain from losing people too young. So an old poem of mine tonight in that sort of mood.

Sometimes I sit small and quiet, whispering
The questions I most want to scream
But reality seems to frighten my voice
I feel sluggish next to trees
And ungrateful in my weariness toward moments
I sleep long and fidget through the days
And oftentimes never once love myself
For any of the waking hours
I stand near the lake and think on you
As water rages white and pure and fierce
As angels; and I, human, so full of tears
Try to let the wind blow through me
But it is crazy how solid I am
Mortal miracle of flesh and water
In fear, sometimes I sit in silence, in darkness
And am grateful for the moon


RegularMom said...

Oooh...I'm a poetry geek, too. Can I add you to my blogroll?

Mommylion said...

Sure, but does that mean I have a poetry quota to fill or something? I make no promises :)

Do you have poetry on your blog? I missed it earlier, I will have to wander back over tomorrow. It is cool to meet a fellow geek.