Friday, February 15, 2008

The days that felt like weeks...

Home with sick kids. Act 2. Scene 48. Setting: Everyone is still laying around like zombies except the mother who is trying to keep a tiny shred of sanity and hope alive. The feeling on the set is a disturbance in time with every five minutes that passes seeming to take a few hours, but there isn't enough tangible energy to make any real use of the extra time. Much chocolate is consumed by the mother. Many small busy work projects are started, and rejected, then started again.
Ready, set, action...

A bonus of winter is the awesome branches of our trees are visible.
Camper Down Elm



Yarn is warm on a cold day.
Me knitting.

Her learning to weave.

That about sums up the last two days. What about the boys you wonder? Oh, hear that moaning sound? That would be them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. This sounds like our house. But without the sick part. Sorry you're going through this. Get well soon every one! THose pictures are beautiful and artful and even make me like winter. A little bit.
Hope this weekend looks up for you in every way...and did I ever ask..."Where did you get your great banner/header thingy??"

Mommylion said...

Thanks for your kind words. We are actually doing much better today. The sun is shining, everyone is showered and dd's piano teacher even braved the germs to visit. Things are looking up!

The banner is a close up of a tile picture I made awhile back. If you click on my projects tag in the sidebar it should be in one of those posts.Then I added the title in photoshop.