Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How sometimes I am wrong.


Charter came out today and fixed our internet/cable problems! The reception numbers on my modem (caused by a bad cable wire and splitter, I guess) have been bad for awhile but everything has been working until lately. Our area had some weather complications that affected everyone's service and I guess I was the first one to call and complain so they looked into my situation closer this time. I say this time because I have actually been in contact with them three times this year so far. Not to knock Charter though. Their phone tech service has been excellent and patient. They wanted to send someone out last time I had problems (bad modem) and my cheap butt didn't want to pay for the monthly insurance or the potential hourly rate if we didn't get the insurance. And since I always seemed to make the internet run... I didn't listen. Now it is up and running and as fast as the speed of thought. I am not kidding. I actually thought it was fast before. So I am pretty darn happy right now.

Now I can actually comment on blogs again and browse through pages without crashing 500 times. I have so much work to do tonight, but it is going to be so very, very hard to be disciplined because I just want to play.

Oh, and the person in the bookstore with the cute little four year old boy that was talking really loudly and fast, and made several uncomfortable references to jedis chopping off heads? The kid who sweetly said hi to everyone who walked in but when they tried to further engage him in conversation, muttered "I want blackbeard" in a creepy muppet voice. (Referencing a finger puppet in the store.) The kid who was so hyper he probably hadn't napped, eaten in awhile, or get to run around and blow off steam appropriately before his mom brought him to the bookstore to hang out for an hour during his sister's dance class? Yeah, that was me and my boy. Sorry folks, my bad.

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Anonymous said...

Oh your last paragraph went so well with that picture...hysterical! Oh, I love bad mommy's they make me feel so much better...