Friday, February 1, 2008

I've always liked tag.

I was tagged by Katherine from Our Report Card and got the questions for this meme from Regularmom on her blog. I am sort of new to the public blogworld, so I don’t have anyone to tag that hasn’t been already. So if you venture by, by all means feel tagged and stop back to let me know you are playing.

How long have you been blogging?
Four and a half years, but I only recently created this blog where I am merging some of my old blogs together. I had multi-blog disorder. I tried to have a blog for each category in my life and sort of micromanaged it into being a chore. Now I am letting it all hang out, not caring who sees this multi-purpose blog. So welcome to my house folks, ignore the mess and we can be friends.

What inspired you to start your blog, and who are your mentors?
This is an example of how I started, a working parents guilt. It was my attempt to hold my kids close as I sat in my cubicle at work, especially in the dark mornings when I was alone at the office. Here is a quote from one of my first blogs, now defunct. The post was titled Lion Kisses. (This is where my screen name comes from by the way, my girl had a mass of yellow curls as a toddler and an amazing lion-like roar. She was babylion and I was her mommylion. She named me.

“My girl looked directly into my eyes yesterday at lunch. She has these huge green eyes that I am dazzled by. She's two and infinately brilliant. She said "mommy, you came back to me", in a sort of resigned way that spread an ache through my heart that I would carry for the rest of the day. She thought I had been hiding in the kitchen all morning when in reality I was back to work after my eight week maternity leave.

From her perspective I must seem to be against her. First, I gave birth to a small competitor and once she started to feel a bit more comfortable with his jellyfish self and we lost our general squeamishness of her clumsy and somewhat dangerous attempts at bonding with him, I vanish. Then, I left her alone with a brother who takes a bottle with the grudging anger of a vegan forced to live on veal for survival, and a daddy who is also trying to adjust to my return to the old 9 to 5. (More like 5:30 to 4, and it is a cold and dark 5:30am).

I leaned over to kiss her curly soft baby hair and try to get her attention from the tv long enough to satify my needy mommy self. She ignores me so completely that I fear for the millionth time that she has a hearing problem. But I whisper for her to give me a lion kiss and she smiles and looks at me again and spares me a quick but sweet kiss that tastes like yogurt. For some reason lion kisses are always too good to ignore.”

When I started blogging it was very private, like an online journal. I didn’t have time for my paper journaling which I had done my whole life, and this what took place of that. I was actually very naive of the blog culture out there. I worked for a newspaper so I knew of them through there. So I didn’t start with any mentors. It wasn’t until we slammed headfirst into homeschooling that I really became immersed in the blogging world. There are a lot of resources online about homeschooling, but the best are the blogs. I’ve been a lurker on too many to name really. It helps when taking such a counter-culture plunge when there are documented others also doing so and succeeding. It wasn’t until VERY recently that I started to feel comfortable about sharing my blog online. It took me awhile for the private journal feeling I had about it to fade. But now I am over it and ready to play.

Are you trying to make money online, or are you doing this just for fun?
I frickin love money. I don’t deny that. I make some money online now, through art and freelancing graphic arts/writing. I might venture into ebay this year, cause it sounds fun and I am addicted to money just poofing into my paypal account. However, I don’t really offer a product with my blog, it is the place that organizes my thoughts, crafts, homeschooling, and updates friends and family about our world. Besides my hitcounter is like, in the teens. That isn’t enough to make trying to please a public worth it now, is it? So, no - I don’t blog for money, just for the fun. But I am not against anyone who can and does, so rock on with your bad moneymaking selves.

What 3 things do you love about being online?
Community • Clarity • Sanity

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