Friday, February 22, 2008

A morning of ideas!

It is before noon and my brain is working!!! A moment of silence to appreciate this please. In college I used to write papers using the cram my head full of info on the topic the night before and wake up the next morning with the paper outlined in my head technique. I missed that trick. It has evaded me for awhile now. But today, yeehaw, we're back baby.

Not that I have reworked the space/time continuum or anything. I just figured out a better plan for our days. A plan that has me all happy feeting around the house this morning, drinking tea and talking fast to the hubby. It all started with the arrival of this..

Artistic Pursuits art curriculum. The new preschool book and the first in the K-3 book series. Website here.

Okay, here is the part where I disclose a dirty little secret. These last two months, my kids have been sleeping in. And not just the extra half hour variety of sleeping in, but the serious kind of eat lunch for breakfast kind of sleeping in. (While I admit this isn't the most fun dirty secret ever, I have to protest that as I have been sleep deprived for roughly seven years now, maybe for my whole life if we want to get really real, this is a very fun secret for me personally.) So, I guess I have somewhat exploited the new found snooze time. But, now the sun is coming up earlier and I feel spring in my bones and I am over it. But how to get the squirrels from their cave without turning on the dread noise machine (TV)? Ah, this is where my plan begins.

Art breakfasts! Woohoo! See, you are excited aren't you? Not feeling it? Oh well, guess you have to live here to feel the joy. But seriously, I have this vision of waking up the kids and bringing them to the table for a combo of easy/fun craft project and easy breakfast food. This accomplishes not only getting their mind working happily, creatively and gets their tape fetish squared away first thing - but it allows me to exploit their busy minds and sneak in stuff like pumpkin bread, fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. Cheap and healthy fare that makes mommy happy. Then we will do the bath thing and transition to a real 'art lesson', then math. That is as far as the plan hatched in the night. But I think it could really help liven it up around here.

Oh, and I signed up for this. It is just an all around good morning.


eclecticallyyours said...

Okay this is why I LOVE you. Truly. I mean, your dirty little secret is MY dirty little secret. And suddenly I feel okay about it. That the sun IS coming up earlier and we ARE getting more on top of things. My mind is starting to RUN again. (Wanna know something really wierd? Before I came to your site I left a comment on another site in which I said the exact same phrase "space/time continuum"....)We have Artistic Pursuits and I LOVE it. I spent ages exploring what would be the best ART fit for us and came up with AP. Please fill us in on how the Workshop goes because I am SO jealous!! If only I lived, oh, say, 1500 miles closer!~

Mommylion said...

You mean you don't use the words "space/time continuum" all the time? :) Coincidences like that are fun. A week or so ago it was like Katherine (our report card) and I were listing to the same cosmic radio and thinking of the same random songs. Now if only I could channel that sort of coincidence into lottery numbers...

I am really excited about the workshop and will for sure update here and probably at the DJ too.