Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Northern Exposure

I picked up my MIL from work tonight around midnight. (She chooses not to drive, and I respect that. Some people shouldn't.) I have such a love/hate thing with being out late like that. I hate it because it wakes me right up, and so I find myself on the computer at 1 a.m. writing about insomnia. Surfing blogs. Thinking about poetry, sitcoms, front loading washers and any other thing that manic overtired minds think of after scraping their car for a half an hour to pick up their mother-in-law in the middle of the night. Did I mention it was my MOTHER-IN-LAW. Like as in, I get a reward in heaven type of thing. (No, she is not on the internet. I am safe.)

Oh, what is it I love about being up late outside like that?
I love how at midnight the four feet of snow we have piled up in the backyard seems magical and exciting in the bright moonlight. Driving down the street that isn't even plowed to the road anymore, just white flat roads of snow, is fun and thrilling. Trying to see around the literally seven foot tall drifts on the corners. Not being able to see homes because of the banks of snow piled up from the plows. An adventure. I feel like we should all buy snowshoes and walk and drive snowmobiles everywhere. Just give into it all and be like the folks on Northern Exposure. Which I am so breaking out my DVDs of the first two seasons and watching them ALL tomorrow in celebration. Then we could all be quirky and deep and shallow and funny, instead of cranky and freaking out about how much snow we have all the time.

This is not a typical winter. But other than the almost-flood that happened a few days back (that was a bit freaky as only four feet of water whooshing down the highway can be), other than that, it is all kind of amazing. Snow that is piled over little kids' heads doesn't happen very often. Strange that more snow is lifting my February grayness. And we are supposed to get another FOOT tonight. Must get the kids outside and get pictures. I have some pics of a winter where the snow was over my head when I was about my daughter's age. The combined photos of my childhood big snow experience and hers would make a cool scrapbook page. Guess I better go to bed if I am contemplating snowsuits in the morning. Shudder...

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