Wednesday, February 13, 2008


At about 3:45 this morning I was up with random health related issues with the kids. Two weeks or so into this and I was feeling all Groundhog Dayish about it (movie, not holiday). I actually started to compose a rant post in my head for the blog and thinking on that saw me through to morning. The day brought an overall health improvement to everyone. Children moved off the couch. Hubby is on day two of his antibiotics and feels more in control due to that. I was still feeling grouchy and tired.

Fast forward to around 1pm and we were watching a special on St. Jude's hospital. My husband and I were openly weeping together. The day shifted right then. We are so incredibly happy and actually, healthy. Nothing like perspective to show us that every tiny moment counts. Even the slightly damp, smelly and groggy ones at the butt-crack of dawn.

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