Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sick with envy.


It’s Groundhog Day, my all time favorite holiday since all it entails is talking about the weather. I find myself wrestling with at least two of the seven deadlies. The first is gluttony, since it is Saturday, cold and my husband brought home snickers bars. When chocolate is in the house I get all twitchy and anxious until I eat it. The other stems from reading a bunch of new blogs today. And the sad fact that other peoples’ talents have me seeing green. How can so many people have such cool blogs?

While browsing it was like opening a door only to find another hallway of doors, all opening to one amazing room after another. At first it was fun, then it was overwhelming, then I started to feel like I was at black tie party dressed in jeans. I love blogging but I honestly don’t know why I do it. Maybe this is an addition to the why blog meme I answered a few days ago. The mind unlocking a few days off schedule.

What unsettled me is how so many blogs have such an amazing sense of purpose. Some are such brilliant homeschooling/education resources that you could use them as outlines to better your life with. Others are crafting blogs that cause me to immediately dive into my ridiculous closet full of art stash and start doodling as I sit in front of the computer, all voyeurish and full of awe. Then others are snarky, mean and fun, these I call my husband in and we laugh over the crankiness of other people.

Bah - I am tired after a couple restless nights of kids with colds, and that tends to make me all dramatic. It isn’t like I can become a homeschool maven overnight, I need time in the trenches to have advice to give. I do a lot of projects because they give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment and so I keep track here, but I mostly use the net to get inspiration not give. The answer is I blog because it is fun. I like it. I like putting up pictures and writing a few lines to capture the moment. It is actually that simple. But I will still keep lurking around on blogs learning, laughing, and even hoping that some of the genius is catchy. Now, where's that chocolate?


Maria said...

Oh, ya,I get the part about blog envy. So totally get it.

Katherine said...

I burn with blog envy all the time! I burn with "not a good enough homeschooler" shame all the time too. (Its what unschoolers do best.) So, excellent, join the club and pass the chocolate please.

Mommylion said...

It makes me perversely happy that you two feel the same - since both your blogs were on my "to be envied" list.