Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ding Dong, the t.v.'s dead...


See the beast of a t.v. that is behind the girl (posing for her haircut earlier this year). It has always been a lemon during it's short life (two years) and has had two stints in the shop already. It was my husband's dream t.v. and it was so fun to buy the thing he always wanted that he researched for years over, agonizing over buying just the right one. I have lived many of my years without t.v. so I was rather indifferent to the purchase. But it was important to him, and so I supported it - and I have enjoyed it as well.

It died last night in the middle of watching a movie. I suspect the fan quit and overheated the thing that kicks it on. This model has a history of problems online. It is still under warranty, and I fear it is still fixable, so it isn't like it is gone for good.

But something wonderful happened today. Even though the teenager was here this weekend and hubby was too of course. There was no huge t.v. blaring and intruding into the space and flow of the day. Wonderful. So wonderful that even my t.v. loving man mentioned that in hindsight he wished he would have bought a gaming computer and a small tv THAT COULD BE PUT AWAY (he said this, it really came out of his mouth), because the day without t.v. was so productive and the kids were so creative.

The days the kids and I are home alone the t.v. generally doesn't ever come on, so we were already privy to this fact. It was nice to have it come full circle. This is one of the reasons I love marriage. Watching the other person grow and change and falling in love with them even more for it.


Maria said...

Very cool. Just tonite, after a movie, I said "You know, why do we do's kind of a waste." And as we all sat there like lumps we said "ah, huh. Wanna watch another one?"
"Sure, whatever."
It's a total get so sucked in! Oh, I'm looking forward to summer in more ways than one! We usually quit already with the t.v. during summer.

Mommylion said...

I love movies. Love them, love them... What I don't love is when the t.v. gets turned on for no general reason, and suddenly everyone is watching a rerun of Spongebob. Between the noise and no one answering me, it drives me crazy!