Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love swap-bot.

I have been procrastinating with a purpose lately. I have rediscovered swap-bot and committed myself to no less than seven swaps. I am as excited as a kid in a toy store. I am going to get mail! Packages and fancy letters. Of course that means I have to mail them too. I'm sure there will be some interesting conversations around here soon about why I am spending money to send strangers stuff. Guys don't understand anything.

I even went out and bought myself the new permanent Bic colored marker sets here (oooo, pretty...) to help make my swap entries. I mean I had to. As in, I needed them like food, chocolate food. At least that is what I told dh. Hey, I lost my computer today... I needed something to fill the void of losing photoshop. Right? (I have an old version of photoshop that won't work on my new computer. Like photoshop six... so seven years ago.)

So I am happy. I have future mail coming to me. I have new markers. Oh, and they were able to retrieve the files from my computer. So I will actually get paid for the freelancing I did. Someone even got the dumb thing to start and is trying to fix it. It will probably work, that thing will probably outlast my newer imac. Sigh... 

(I don't mean to sound ungrateful. That thing has just given me so much stress over the years. I feel ready to move on. Even if it means losing photoshop until I can afford to upgrade.)


Maria said...

ohmygosh. I DIScovered swapbot awhile ago...I have nothing to swap. I'm a hopeless crafter. But that place is inspiring!

Mommylion said...

Hopeless crafter? Hate macs? Maria! And I thought we were friends... :)

I haven't done any truly crafting type swaps yet, actually. I need to get more ratings under my belt before I can qualify for most of those. I've been hanging out in penpal, postcard, bookmark swaps for a bit. Then onto the crafty ones!

I am a hopeless crafter too, but in a different sense. I just sort of aimlessly do projects and crafts. This might give me more of a sense of purpose.