Saturday, March 1, 2008

I went to the freelancing doldrums and all I got was a cluttered desk.

"She says her work is like eating cold oatmeal. Yesterday's oatmeal. Day after day. She said her work is like eating cold oatmeal. Day after day, and she's right." - Poi Dog Pondering

Like the duct tape that is holding the bottom of my ancient monitor together? It has held it for years. Amazing stuff.

Haven't heard of Poi Dog Pondering? Click here.
And welcome to my hippy past. I actually think upon watching this video that I don't know if I would have grooved to Poi Dog if I had actually seen them. Sometimes youtube isn't a good thing.

But you can't deny the lyrical gems they offer like: "Drunk on margaritas and full of food, it's hard to be with one when you're in love with another." True, how true. Not applicable now with my lovely guy I'm hitched to and all that. But I was a hippy, remember. I mentioned that earlier? So hey, that was so deep back then. Don't worry mom, I am sort of kidding.

Oh, I signed the girl child up for violin lessons last week. I know, I know, piano and violin at age six may seem a bit pretentious maybe, but it is so not like that. I just want to set her up so that when she hits her hippy days, she can be a one of the cool people in the band. And I think she will dance a bit better than the lead guy in Poi. Though he does play a mean tin whistle.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh!!! I thrilled to your first quote. I love that album..frankly not familiar with A LOT of their other stuff, but Ah...another Poi fan. How cool is that? "spending the day in the shirt that you wore..." memories. Early 90's, newly married. Life was good.

Mommylion said...

Oh yes, "shirt that you wore", another favorite. I wish I had met my hubby in the early 90's. It would have saved us both some grief. :)

Always fun (and surprising!) to meet another Poi fan. And here I thought I was really throwing myself out there and people would actually see how strange I really am. :)