Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Love of all things Spiderwick

Spiderwick isn't high literature but it is fun. We read the books before bedtime and just finished the series last night. We saw the movie awhile back and it was very different from the books, but still enjoyable. Now the kids are somewhat obsessed. They make their own field guides often and fill the little books with mysterious drawings of creatures they've discovered. Playmobil and Lego sets are used for acting out scenes from the previous night's chapter. The girl child is always coming up with different costumes that she feels fit the female version of Arthur Spiderwick. I wish I would have photographed the one she came up with about a week ago, the hat rocked. Here's today's version... (oh, and forget you see the messy house behind the children. We are switching rooms around to get ready for my NEW CRAFT AREA! YAY!)

A girl and her field guide

Capturing all the creatures on paper

A boy and his monsters


Maria said...

We haven't started Spiderwick yet...we'll have to do so. We don't seem to have an interest in the movie..maybe wait until the video comes out...

Mommylion said...

Just a warning since I didn't really say it in my post.

It can get a little scary and harsh. The kids have had a couple nightmares from it. But not enough to stop reading. And the movie is more mild than the book in that regard. Somehow reading the details is worse than quick glances in the theater.

We tend to be lenient about things here, so I forget that when writing my posts.