Friday, March 28, 2008

The mess.

I like things very organized, I always have. I just breathe better when everything has a home. It is how I survive living in a small home with five people. But I am flawed. So very flawed.

The planning stages and the end product of my organizational projects are usually done quite well, thank you very much. However the middle is a big mobbish mess. When I was little, at room cleaning time, I couldn't just straighten the bits that were out of whack and call it done. No. I had to dump the toy box, drawers, closet contents all into one big bonfire pile and stew about the mass of it all for awhile. Building a plan for optimal placement. Having the occasional breakdown. Finally, wrapping it all up in a day or two of cleaning brilliance once my parents started threatening with garbage bags.

My problem is, I haven't changed much over the years. The middle part is still a free-for-all of chaotic strife that I could truly do without. Only now I get to share this part with my family. No one in my crew seems to have been born with the magical middle portion of organizational brilliance intact to help me progress.

So we started this project to get a nice craft/project area set up. So exciting! We even have a really cool friend who also got excited about the project and offered to build the base shelves for the counter. How amazing is that? The problem is I got a little overzealous and started moving everything around to accommodate the new area, but then all the stuff that will eventually live in said area currently has no home. Then I get overwhelmed by the mess and I let laundry pile up. (Any excuse for me when it comes to laundry.) Then, I find myself blogging about it rather than tackling it. I might as well be back in my childhood bedroom facing the threat of my stuff being hauled to the landfill... as much as I've learned.

Oh, I usually do pictures right? Gee, I would love to share the disorder that is my home, but my camera is lost in the mess. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. I'll post some pictures of the finished project, and you can picture it all mucked up, fair?

I've added some organizational bloggers to my google reader. Seeking the missing link. Wish me luck!

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