Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Soundtrack

Okay, I have a lot of work to do. Insane amounts. I am bad with deadlines, whenever they near, I get really busy. But not with the things I am supposed to be doing. Procrastination is somewhat of an understatement. So I am going to get this post out of my system then go dark for a couple days to catch up. I will be back with many posts because I keep getting blog ideas. Not ideas for the writing, picture making and knitting (babyshower gift) I am supposed to be doing. Try not to miss me too much.

Recently, the kids and I did an art lesson about using art as a visual, universal language and it got me thinking about how music is a very rich language. How one song can encompass a time period, a memory, an ideology. So I started making note of different songs that say something for me. And visiting youtube (procrastination at it's finest), and collecting them here. What I came up with is an soundtrack that sort of maps out parts of my life. Some of the songs were actually attached to those times, others just bring them to mind.

But anyways... A Challenge!
To all brave enough (or bored enough) to play. If you are a music junkie too... feel free to play along and do something similar on your blog. I've had fun with it.

My life in music:

John Denver
Teen Years
Young Adult
Devil In the Kitchen
One Hand In My Pocket
Flowers Are Red
The Freshman
Send Your Love
Empty Walls
(I listened to this for 24 hours of labor to everyone elses's dismay.)
Mummers Dance
Motherhood, Lullabies
Lullaby to an Anxious Child
Why my kid takes piano and violin lessons...
Ashley MacIsac
Funky Fun Mama
Songs we turn on to brighten our day.
Professional Pirate
Marriage (cliche, but actually pretty right on the money for us.)
Still The One

So there you go, a quick autobiography.

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Maria said...

Oh, I love this idea. But I'm so drawing a blank. I love loreena, well, haunting. You've made me want to dig around in my CD list would be endless...Isn't music grand tho, in the powerful way it can take us RIGHT to a moment we lived. Make us cry. Laugh. And smile. It's the grandest thing in the world. Thanks for sharing yours! I will take the challenge but it will be awhile....