Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No. No. No.

Newer imac... Old horrible computer from the island of headaches.

My old computer died. This in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. It has lived a long, prosperous life. It has caused me enough headaches over the years and runs loudly enough, that its passing is not a weeping and wailing sort of experience.


Remember the freelancing project that I have been griping about for weeks now? Bad karma, all that complaining... Bad, bad, bad. I was just about to write a cd to turn in the whole project. It is done, you see. Done. BUT...

When switching between operating systems (OS 9 to OS X, yes it is a dinosaur), suddenly it decided it didn't want to start in OS X. And it didn't want to go back to nine. It actually is quite content sitting there, staring at me with one of those rare cryptic codes across the start up screen. (Rare in Macs. When you see one on a Mac you know your mood has turned dark.) And right now, my day is dark baby. Dark, dark, dark.

Okay, so after talking to the tech guy at the paper that I am freelancing for, where luckily I worked for awhile before joining the SAHM world, so at least they are being pretty cool about a freelancer dumping their faulty computer on their laps. Of course that might be because the deadline is today. And I have seen insane things done in order to keep a newspaper deadline. Way more insane than random freelancer computer surgery. Deadlines suck that much.

Anyway, I ended up carrying the whole stupid tower for them to toy with as they wish. Hopefully pulling the totally completed articles from the innards intact. The rest of the thing they can recycle for all that I care about it right now. And I will throw in the monitor for free. Just pay me for the freelancing, k? 'Cause mama needs a new computer.


Maria said...

Your old computer looks newer than mine. I really need to take a picture of it...and loud? Oh,yeah. I just can't afford a computer for my husbands business AND for our personal use. So I"m actually thinking of leasing one. A Dell. Have you heard any pros/cons that way. I hate Macs. There, I've said it. And I meant it...but my brother uses one...and everyone loves them. Five bazillion people can't be all wrong, can they?
Meanwhile, here's to hoping you get that new 'putie soon.

Mommylion said...

I could tell by the picture on your blog that your brother was an advanced soul. :) My computer may look young but that is because Mac's are designed to look sexy, even in advancing age. It is probably 7.5 years old. In computer years (for the mileage I put on a computer) that is a lot.

The reason I like Macs is because I am comfortable with them. I've literally spent years of my life on one, (working - not just surfing, lol). I actually think I could have fixed my computer's woes, but it is the newspaper deadline I feared. So I turned it over and sort of hope their surgery totally kills it. As long as they rescue the stuff I've been working on, that is.

I can't afford a new computer either, but it might have to happen anyway. I actually randomly make money with my computer and the old one paid for itself over and over. (That is just because I enjoy the mundane things that others would rather pay for than do. So they call me.)

So I can't afford not to have a computer available to me for just work. I actually had just agreed to another job while I was at the paper today, a photoshop one which is way more fun. It is just the upfront cost that makes me sick. And drink.

Holy cow, look at how much I wrote in comments over my stupid computer. I am pathetic when it comes to them.

As for leasing over buying. I guess it depends on the cost and what you need it for. There are super cheap ones at Walmart that would work for surfing and writing, but wouldn't work for advanced software. Computers don't usually have a long life, so if it is cheap enough, (and you don't like to hack your systems) leasing might not be a bad option.