Sunday, March 2, 2008

See the creepy trippy picture?


That is how my head feels right now. We saw Spiderwick Chronicles today and it was good. But I really don't like how loud movie theaters get. I always end up with a headache. Add to that a kid who also doesn't like loud movies who ended up on my lap half the time, about 20 loud youth groups. (For like a hundred or so total teenagers doing teen like things all around us.) Whew, I needed some decompress time after that. But, instead my guy decided that going to Burger King to eat inside by the playfort thing sounded better. Um, okay. We NEVER do that. It was so strange and not really the best of all possible plans in hindsight.

Then... I went shopping for new jeans with my mom. It was one of those huge sales that was 'over in 40 minutes and gosh you'll be so mad if you don't go' sort of things. Sigh. Trying on jeans after eating theater popcorn and fast food does not make you feel like looking in the three way horridly lit mirrors. No, no, no.

So, I am now finally decompressing and feeling a bit overly dramatically blue. I think I will knit and pretend that tomorrow is not actually Monday. I feel like I need a big change for spring. Like going back to raw food. Talking to the father-type person yesterday brought all that back to mind. I wonder if I could swing that on my budget. Hmmm... something to think about. I will ponder it while I knit and pretend tomorrow isn't Monday.


Anonymous said...

Parallel universes or split at birth? That is my question.

I have been so overwhelmed lately with slight noises and smells. They are over powering. Needing lots of down time.

After thinking about it, talking about it, being in denial how good it would be for us, we are going raw tomorrow.

I just went shopping tonight. I don't even buy all organic. Talk about sticker shock. But would I rather be in the fugue state I am in? Or healthy? Really healthy. Sigh.

Mommylion said...

Okay, that is beyond strange. I came back here after I ordered some sprouting bags and seeds to start this whole situation going and found your comment. Where else in the universe is there a homeschooling, Poi Dog Pondering liking, person who is thinking about going on a raw food diet? WTF? I don't mean that in a bad way, just a how cool is that ball of coincidence. Not to mention a confirmation that this is truly the way I should be going right now.

I talked it over with hubby today and he jumped right on the bandwagon. (And I thought for sure he would want to weigh the budget.) I guess I have been even more moody than I thought :)

My dad is a raw foodist and I was 100% raw for most of my second pregnancy. I was so insanely healthy. And it kept me off insulin. (1st pregnancy I was totally insulin dependant GD) Why did I stop? Well, I came home from the hospital on Thanksgiving and it was downhill from there.

Wow, this is long, sorry but I am excited. Feel free to use me as a sounding board! Are you starting at 100% or working up? What about dd? I think I'll map out my plan on a blog post.

Maria said...

This is starting to call for email. I really want to hear all about your dad being raw, your raw pregnancy and the whole kitten caboodle. Or is that kit and caboodle...ya, that looks better.

DH is on board. DD is on board. For today. Let's see how long that'll last. We're trying to go about 95% right now. I can't literally do hardcore right now...I will buy a dressing say, instead of making my own raw version. And I'll have eggs if i get desperate for hot food. We are using yogurt to transition, but no other dairy....why am i writing all this now...I'm going to blog a bit about it in a week or so, but email me! I'm at mommamia (at) roadrunner (dot) com....let's dish. Well, raw dish.