Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Warning: Poetry ahead

Disclaimer: Poetry geek here. So if you choose to read this blog, you might get some on you. You have been warned. (Not that I am a good poet or knowledgeable in any real way about the poets I like. The right words just make me breathe better. So who can fight that?)

I like poetry and posting poems but I haven't in a long time. I sat and tried to write one, but my brain is burned out from knitting. (I'll post on that drama later.) But I wanted to support Regularmom, here., in her call out to bloggers to share some poetry. So I pulled out an old creative writing class poem I wrote. It is timely actually.

Spring Malaise
While the non-green, shiny cars
Passed indifferently in the bright, bright sun
The ground soaked into my sloppy March feet
My weather-scratched eyes
Annoyed with the tattering trees
Mistrusted, narrowed, shifted
Over non-green houses and dogs
Chilled me; Myself non-green
Felt winter old and February sluggish

I was actually in the place this poem describes a couple weeks ago. But I am feeling a bit brighter now. The sun seems to have a warmer cast to it these days. And there is more of it. So cheers for the sun, and for sharing poetry.


RegularMom said...

Ah, yes! I just snapped quite a few photographs that look a lot like this poem.

Most excellent.

And can I say how much I love those clay pictures! Incredible!

Maria said...

Oh, I love the line "Winter old and February sluggish"!! THat is exactly how I feel right now. Feel free to "warn" us when more poetry comes along, which I hope will be soon!

Mommylion said...

Thanks guys. Blogs are better than show and tell. :)