Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Changing habits.

For months now I have longed to switch my late nights for early mornings. I am an extreme person. I need one or the other. Both involve me, a dark sky, alone time, tea and some sort of creative pursuit. Blog reading and posting too, can't forget that. I have switched between the two as life circumstances dictate. Recently, however, I have been allowed to choose which is right for me. And I have been longing for the mornings, as I liked the image of easing into the day and greeting my little ones when I am fully awake and ready to go, verses cranky and trying to de-fuzz my head after a late night. It sounded perfect for the now and so grownup. However, switching from 1 a.m. bedtimes to 5 or 6 a.m. risings proved daunting.

Today, however - I did it naturally. Maybe the excitement of my new space roused me, (which I will soon blog about as we near completion). Maybe the copious amounts of caffeine I consumed yesterday built up in my system and released into my bloodstream at 5:30 this morning. Whatever it was, here I am. I am hoping this proves a natural transition to early mornings. I am blogging about it here as a way to confirm this habit. I know most mornings won't be like this one, bounding out of bed like a little kid excited for the day. But it is still what I want, so I write it. An if I blog it - it will be, sort of thing.

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