Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Google thinks I am a knitting blog.

Here is my heartfelt apology to anyone who has been misdirected to my blog in hopes of gleaning knitting wisdom. While I have in fact completed a few knitting projects I am barely past a beginner and still tend to bite my nails in frustration over a particularly difficult dishcloth pattern.

I could understand if I kept getting hits from google for searches on things such as "witty wisdom from the trenches of motherhood" or "delightful woman who shows off her clever crafts", but no. I seem to get multiple daily hits for people searching for knitting greatness. And alas, that advice does not exist here. So if you are here for such sport, feel free to look around but please don't laugh too hard at my feeble attempts at knitting. Well, go ahead and laugh. I am cool with that. Laughter is good.

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Maria said...

You've got to love google searches...