Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I can't do Wordless Wednesdays...

I'll try 'almost wordless', how's that?

My life the past few days:

Beads from one container...

Into another. Monotonous over-organization. That is me.

Rows and rows of it...

Look a whole drawer for glue! This makes me oddly happy.

While this has been tedious dusty work, it is inspiring. I am able to see what materials we have, see what projects we could be doing now, figure out what we need for the future and just generally purge the ridiculous. I forgot to take a picture of the 'ridiculous' pile. Totally forgot. Otherwise I would love to share that mess with you.

Other than that, I have finally started waking up early in the morning and I have resumed my morning walks with my mom. Yay! Spring is good.

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Maria said...

You know, there is something about spring...despite my tooth KILLING me, I managed to clean out "the schoolroom from hell" yesterday. Warm weather and longer days MOVE me, even when sick. We're waking up's nice...