Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My daughter's first poem.


A few months ago my daughter looked up from crafting something and announced she was writing a poem. Then she just started to spout off lines. Quickly I grabbed a pen and wrote it down. A few weeks back when I attended the Bravewriter conference I found out that I did the right thing. I will admit my first instinct was that she should have to write it down to count, but the words were too precious to miss. And now I know that the words, and cherishing them, are what is important. Her hand will catch up with her brain soon enough.

So anyway, on with her poem. (Which I found while finally cleaning the amoeba of papers from my desk yesterday. I love spring cleaning.)

The Beautiful Spring Time Day
by Sage, age 6

The flowers bloom
The grass sways
Trees grow apples
The bushes grow blueberries
The trees go back and forth
And dance in the wind
Thistles spread their buds
All the spring time stories are told
By the little chirping birds


Maria said...

Beautiful Sage!! Just in time for spring! I needed to be reminded that it's coming, because it seems a little bit s l o w this year.

Ms. D loves poetry too. She just started writing more of her own down. I really need to pick your brain about Bravewriter.

Katherine said...

Oh my! Regularmom will love this too. She's another real poet. : )

Mommylion said...

Thanks for the kind words. I read these comments to my daughter which gave her a big smile.

Spring has been slow this year. We just had our first almost thunderstorm a couple nights ago. Usually we are well into lightning and thunder evenings by now.