Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rather successful couple of days...

The last few days were just plain fun ones. We've done so much and I failed to capture even most of it on film, but without reservation. I mean, getting caught up in the joy of living is pretty much the prize on many levels. A photo or blog post just the souvenirs. Nice to have, but not the trip...

Anyway, here are a few things I did manage to capture.

First time threading a needle. Couldn't get the first time sewing photographed because I was "spotting". :)

Sewing stuff littering the table. It was fun to have the girl so transfixed by it all. Brought back so many memories of feeling the very same way as a child. I had a strange fixation with thread and buttons for years.

The cutest inspiration ever. The girl wants me to sew her a "meep". For whatever reason that is what we call any hedgehog stuffie. So I told her I would do it if she helped me. Thus began her journey into the world of hand sewing. I will post pics of our lumpy little creation after it is complete. It is close, just missing arms and legs and looking very eggish and lovely.

The great archeologist dig...

My girl wants to be an archeologist, artist and ballet dancer when she grows up. The boy wants to be an archeologist and video game programmer. When I brought out this little gem where the kids dig into the plaster block to find "ancient treasures" that double as game pieces to a board game, I didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't think we would end up with DAYS of entertainment, enriching conversation about the tedium verses rewards of being on an archeology dig. Not to mention the obvious lure of ancient Egypt that cause all sorts of questions and web exploration. But the best part? The very wonderfully best part?

The hours... (thank you Santa Claus, bringer of toys of great interest)

Hours... devoted to digging. (Notice the outfit change, and how little progress was made? Days of fun I say.) So many projects were finished because of this toy which in turn allowed us extra time to explore outdoors when daddy gets home from work. (Due to ongoing projects being DONE, much to daddy's happy surprise.) And I do think they will make great little archeologists when they grow up. But I am sort of looking forward to them finishing the thing. The tinted plaster dust is getting a tad bit irksome.

Oh, and one final, but still very exciting thing for me personally...

I made a perfectly acceptable veggie quiche. I even finally figured out how to do a crust. I just finally "got" it. I have tried for so long and it was like it just worked. Yay, quiche!

Well, that is enough for now, if I don't go to bed I will be tempted to let the little people dig way too long tomorrow...


Maria said...

Okay, I had to laugh when you said you were "spotting". My first though was "She has her period??"

Sweet pictures and the quiche looks positively yummy!

Mommylion said...

Okay, note to self... check use of old gymnastic related language when writing a blog post.

Note to husband... use of the word 'spot' to mean 'serve as a back up or safety net' is yet another piece of evidence that I was, in fact, on the gymnastics team in school. And I wasn't just the water-girl as you so sweetly imply.