Sunday, April 6, 2008

The smell of office supplies in the morning...

Our small town is growing. Actually it has been for a few years, but for those of us who don't mind change, it has seemed slow. Some sort of critical mass was reached a year or so ago and suddenly vast stretches of once bare fields became populated with storefronts that moved beyond dollar stores and auto parts merchants. One of the most recent places to open was a decent sized Staples. The husband and I stole a few hours from our home projecting and snuck away to bask in all the office supply glory. We are dorks like that. That place might have to alternate with Home Depot on our date nights, as the place we go hang out. See- total dorks.

Our trip was very productive and we discovered refill cartridges for my Parker fountain pen. It has been years since I have found these and have never had quite enough gumption to remember to order them online. We also found a perfect household check register - seriously these are hard to find, at least in my town up until now. And finally - the mini cd-rw's that my camera uses. My camera is old but still working, but the mini cd-r discs have become harder and harder to find. (I can still get them online, but just keep forgetting to order them.) They have been phased out in most places and I was happy to see they actually still carry them. Just in time too, since I was on my last cd-r disc. Not to mention with the cd-rw I can just keep reusing them now. Yay for Staples!

Oh, and I got some striped paper clips. These I didn't know I needed until I saw them. Now my life is a bit more complete. It would be more complete if I had bought the Berol Colored Pencil set and the Berol Marker set I found there like these. Ooooo, pretty colors. Sigh, just one more place to throw my money at...

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