Friday, April 11, 2008

Telephone Friday...

Ringing phones have always bothered me. The shrill noise screeching out of nowhere, startling me, interrupting my day, it was a good decision when I switched our home phones to cell phones and could change the ringer to pleasant songs. However, the business phone is another story. But hey, it pays the bills and I have the ringer really low. So it doesn't interrupt the flow much.

Today however, my son woke up early and so we popped on the tv (gasp!) while I went about my morning routine. An unfamiliar show was on and it used a noise on the soundtrack that mimicked the sound of our business phone ringer EXACTLY, down to the muted level. I was going out of my mind wondering what the early Friday morning rush of crank calls was about before I realized it was the tv. Sigh. So I had no choice but to change the ringer to the ever so much more shrill variety. Is it bad to wish for a slow morning? :)

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