Saturday, April 26, 2008


Last night we had one of the worst thunderstorms to strike this area in awhile. At one point we actually gathered the kids in our arms and ran downstairs due to what sounded like a tornado or waterspout (we are blocks from Lake Michigan) near by. I am guessing over our heads since there wasn't any kind of damage trail today. But our grill was knocked over and thrown about five feet. It is a big heavy grill too. I've lived through enough tornados (in Iowa and Texas) to know that train bearing down upon you sound combined with wind that feels like it would rip your skin off. Pretty scary time for a bit there. But all is well. Makes me glad we live here, because we do get a lot of storms and high winds, very high winds. But we have only had to do the 'hit the basement' thing a handful of times. Tornados usually form a bit more inland from our location. Lake effect.

I have a theory too. After I posted my grumpilicious post yesterday, the storms started and the pressure and fury of nature sort of matched how I felt inside. Now today when all is well, I too feel calm and peaceful. So I am thinking that one of my reasons for the extreme unexplained funk I was in yesterday was my reaction to the change in barometric pressure. I know I used to feel that connection as a teen. I must be more hormonal now or something to start that up again. My poor family.

Or someday I'll be the little old lady in the corner saying, "Storms a brewing... grandma can feel it in her desire for prozac."


Maria said...

Oh, I'm finally back to the blogosphere! So here is the thing: Growing up in the midwest wind scares the heck out of me...and waterspouts! I can't imagine...throwing a grill makes me really really respect the wind. I can't, in the Midwest, sleep through wind. But here, in Maine, I sleep like a baby. No tornadoes to worry me. Meanwhile, that whole basement thing brings back some memories...basement times, were adventure times! (for the kids anyway...)

Mommylion said...

Yes, respect the wind. But I'll take the winds over earthquakes. I hate earthquakes. And lakeshore wind isn't like inland wind. It isn't like Iowa wind (been there - hated that).

Waterspouts do scare the bejeebus out of me. They don't hit land very often, but I have been near one on the lake before and it was truly one of the scariest moments of my seemingly-at-the-time-soon-to-be-over life.