Friday, April 25, 2008


It is completely spring. The birds are singing, the grass is totally green and growing. I could even plant stuff if I was so inclined and motivated. I should look like this...


I however, do not. I look like this...

Ummm... ignore my eyebrows. And the unnatural way my forehead reaches to the sky and tapers off like a for-really-real conehead. Yeah. Dark teen memories associated with that feature.

I have been in the blah sort of place the last couple days. Days that I end up taking Midol even though it isn't time to take such a drug. It is more in a supplemental sort of fashion. The title of this post is in reference to the shortness of my temper lately. I am strangely raw. I am guessing it is because my husband's work is in full swing again. His job is very cyclical. Insane busy in the spring and fall. Slower in the summer and stuck in the house almost all the time all winter. I go through husband withdrawal when the busy times start and a time when winter begins.

The sun has awakened so much and with it the energy level of the kids. Which is great. It is meant to. However, my boy is very high energy to begin with. With a loud voice, and tornado personality. Couple that with the sudden lack of daddy time, it is a strange adjustment for us all. We will adjust. Pretty quickly, we always do. But sheesh... I am so fantasizing of a solitary vacation to a place where the sun has warmth and the only noises are calls of tropical birds and the slight pulse of waves breaking on the beach. Pass me a margarita. Thanks.

Gosh, this is such a rantish, venty type post that I try to stay away from. When I started this blog the only criteria I placed upon posts were "happy or amusing". I don't know why, I just like rules. But here I am breaking them. In your face blog. And I feel decidedly better. Thanks for listening. And seriously... the margarita?


Maria said...

OH yeah. I'm all about this post. I had NEVER thought about the play of barometric pressure until my therapist pointed it out once. And BOY do I notice that now. It's amazing. And that whole feast or famine husband thing. I like predictability in my husbands work schedule. Change and I don't really agree. So when he says "I'll have a few days off!" I am both happy and anxious. I need routine. I'm just learning that. I could never figure out why I wasn't this spontaneous happy being.
I liked your rant. It validated me. And women everywhere. I liked your Jekyll/Hyde pictures too.

Mommylion said...

Oh my. I've been so Jekyll/Hyde lately. Ick.

But I might be mellowing out finally. And it just so happens we aren't in a stormy patch. Though the forecast is calling for SNOW.