Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best Therapy Ever!

We were the lucky recipients of a drum set.

The new and improved (and a bit crowded), music corner. Check out my boys 'rock-n-roll' sneer.

One would think that one small house, three kids and a massive, imposing, loud drum set would be a bad combo. I know I did. But my husband's aunt offered us hers. We had asked her if she could give the boy a few simple lessons for drums because he has been wanting to learn so badly, and she insisted we take her set. Somewhat like asking someone to teach you to drive and having them give you their car. She was just over their loudness and bigness. So of course, we said yes. And I. LOVE. THEM. In all their booming glory.

The boy thinks they are his. But secretly I think they are mine. They are that fun. Oh, and our neighbors? Now we just fit in. There are a few drummers on the block, and a regular drum circle across the street, (behind the frat boy house). So a little more noise will probably not be too intrusive. One perk to living in the 'renaissance zone'. Ahem.

And for any drum geeks out there, I realize they aren't set up right and we are missing cymbals. We were in the process of fitting it in when I snapped these and we are still debating the cymbals. There is a limit to the noise a person can handle in a home. However, right now they are in our entry and make for the coolest doorbell ever.


Mrs.Q said...

Wow! Drum kit in the house = one cool mom! We tend to use NOT giving a drum kit to my sister's kids as leverage - as in, we won't do it if we get to play with them more!

Mommylion said...

You are kind. One of my sister's first gifts to my kids was a large kit of different instruments. Each louder than the other. :) I guess we've grown accustomed to the noise and just join in now.