Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am so behind on blogging. Not that there is any deadline here but my own, I still enjoy keeping track of the highlights of my days. The highlights being the cute stuff my kids do or projects we undertake to entertain ourselves. Since I participate in some swaps on swap-bot I don't like to post things I make for those until I am pretty sure the people have received the item. Don't want to ruin the surprise if they happen upon this blog. That leads to me forgetting about them until I log into my photobucket account. And once a picture is in my photobucket it must be blogged. So there you go. A clear picture of my OCDness.

Anyway... I joined a swap awhile back where we had to make a zillion bookmarks. It gave me an opportunity to use my new, lovely colored pencils my wonderful man gifted me with awhile back. I did three sets of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Juliet and an extra Juliet. They have quotes from their own stories pertaining to books on them.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

2 Juliets:

These were so fun to make. Someone asked me if I ever made a mermaid one. Now I must try it. My daughter made a bunch of bookmarks too and they were so cute. However, they got scattered too quickly to all ther secret little places where she squirrels things away, so I didn't get a photo op. I would search them out, but it makes my nerves ragged to venture into the scary territory where she hoards her 'collections'. Remember my OCD tendencies I mentioned? I don't do well with her system of organization. One that involves many bags within bags, that are stuffed in boxes and set in corners. Wait... what was I talking about? Oh yeah, bookmarks.


Maria said...

Oh, WOW!! Were you part of blue yonders book and bookmark swap?? We just got ours a couple weeks ago and I blogged about it...our girls were from Scotland!! How cool is that? Anyway, that was my first swap...I am in LOVE w/your bookmarks and if you do a Mermaid One (or two cause of the OCD) I'm going to have to BEG you for long as she's eating raw ;)

You know I have a mermaid thing...

Katherine said...

A MERMAID one?! Yes yes yes! And I was thinking, "well, Maria will have to have one as well, of course" Low and behold it was Maria's suggestion. Ha!

These are so cool!

Mommylion said...

No, not that swap. I actually kind of overindulged in swap-bot swaps lately. This one was a booklovers bookmark swap that was supposed to include quotes about reading on them.

I would totally send you both a mermaid bookmark. If you want one just email me your addy at mcbryant at I've been sending all sorts of stuff to complete strangers lately and you two are like familiar faces internet-style, so why not?