Monday, May 5, 2008

Clay Picture Tutorial: Part III - Messy Middle Part

Here are the links to the first two installments of this tutorial. Slow and steady is the only way things get done around here folks. Part I. Part II.

Usually I can't help myself and start a tile or two before I get to this point. At this time I just place them on the board for guidance but I don't glue them down yet. Then I get out some paper and start to make patterns of where I want the other tiles to lay. It gets a little messy with the tiny bits of paper and stuff. But I really love this part. It is like putting together a puzzle.


Close up.

I then use the paper "tiles" as templates for the real thing. I roll out plain white polymer clay into desired tile thickness and cut the tiles around the patterns. Then stamp or write quotes on the tiles. For me this gets messy. But that is just how my mind works. I will often stop and clear the space, wash the stamps, table and tools. Lay down new paper. Then make more tiles.


After I get my aluminum foil "pan" filled, I will bake that batch of tiles. Then I flatten them under the book and glue them down once they cool. I then sometimes have to cut down the sizes of the paper tiles left. Or change them based on the size of the quotes I pick. Kid scissors work fine for this, which is a good thing, since all of my scissors seem to have abandoned me in my time of need. Kid scissors work for cutting down baked tiles as well. Who knew?

Doesn't that mess make your breath catch up in your throat somewhere? Just me? Actually, it gets that way since at that point I am so in a zone. Just me rolling clay, stamping, cutting, baking, gluing. Listening to books on my ipod. Labyrinth by Kate Moss for this project. Great story so far, (haven't finished it yet).

Okay, next tutorial post should wrap it up, and I get to share the stress I endure when it comes time to paint.

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