Monday, May 5, 2008

Has it been five days?

I have been here...


Buried in this book. I had been looking for something exactly like this and am so happy to have found such a perfect fit for my needs. I will probably end up buying this too.

The main problem I had in school was the lack of cohesiveness between subjects. It became a huge pet peeve of mine and I would bug the teachers as to why things weren't connected. To me some classes barely made sense standing alone, and did I even need some of them for my future? I was NEVER given a good answer. (And I apologize to my teachers for being one of those PITA students.) I loved school and did well there, so that isn't where I am going. I just wanted to know why I needed to take Calculus and where Chemistry fit into the broad scheme of things.

This whole curriculum seems to be based on a inclusive view of subjects (themes). So far I have accomplished this naturally with my pet subjects. It has been easy for me to fit history with art, music and have reading and writing a happy addition to projects involving those topics. But what about science and math? How do those fit within my desire for a cohesive educational experience for my kids? This book seems to be the answer.

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