Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little doll...

Book/Stuffie swap
I made this little doll for a book/stuffie swap on swap-bot. It is the first thing I've made that I had a hard time letting go of. Just something about it called out to me. So I will definitely make more to keep around the house. The daughter's birthday is a few months down the road, I think a few dolls that represent fairy tales or nursery rhymes would be cool. Must put that on the to do list.

I found this book at our brilliant second hand bookseller. I fell in love with the illustrations and the story was based on a Scottish traditional oral story. Just all around nice book.
Book/Stuffie swap

Picture of the girl I based the stuffie on. My version is of this girl after being caught on a windy damp day. Hence the fly away curly hair.
Book/Stuffie swap

Here she is a work in progress.
Book/Stuffie swap

Here she is nekkid.
Book/Stuffie swap

I also sent a small store bought fox stuffie, since the book was basically about a fox. I intended to do one of the prince as well, but holy cow, the girl took a lot more time than I anticipated. I hope they love her in her new home!
Book/Stuffie swap 2


Maria said...

Quit being so creative, already!! This is a beautiful doll!! What a great job...I love how you took it from the photo of the book...excellent job, my friend! I want to be in a swap with you next! Of course, you won't get anything quite so creative in return. But chocolate. I'll put in lots of chocolate to make up for it!

Mommylion said...

Oh my, you speak to my heart woman. Whatcha want for this chocolate you speak of? :)