Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Magic Wand Factory

Magic wands waiting to be painted. My daughter and I made so many she wanted to pretend that we were working in a magic wand factory. She was a hard little worker.

Another shot, just to appreciate how involved the daughter and I became with this project. It was that fun, and there's still more fun to be had. The painting and decorating is the best part.

We've done this project before for the magic themed birthday party that didn't really get off the ground. (Due to a little brother who battled the corner of a kitchen cabinet and lost.) We had so much fun making these before, my daughter was excited when I told her I wanted to make more. She really helped me this time around. Last year she just watched me make them and then painted a few. This year she was very hands on all the way. You can't see it well but the wands in the picture have marbles and fake gems embedded in the ends. An addition we came up with that I am THRILLED with since it used a ton of the extra marbles we have laying around (and somehow always end up under my feet).

I will post a picture of the finished project later. I just thought all the white wands piled together looked cool so I had to take a picture. However, if you want to see this project completed you can go straight to the source where I got the plans for it, Dadcando. Here's a link directly to the wand plans. If you have never seen this site before prepare to be thrilled. It has such amazing projects to do with kids. It is written by a dad to help inspire other dads to be involved in their kid's world. But I don't think he'd mind a few moms using some of his ideas.


Katherine said...

Too Cool! Thanks for sharing that web site. K

Mommylion said...

No problem. It is an awesome website. I can't wait to do the dragon egg project with my boy. He will LOVE it! I haven't shown it to him yet as I want a block of time that will allow for a jittery four year old boy, and a hot glue gun... It might be awhile :)