Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cabin Fever in June!

On regular days I can take the phone outside. Not regular days yet, getting there, but the volume of calls is keeping us in for most of the day and we are feeling boxed in!!! Not to mention we miss daddy. The kids miss daddy because, well, he is more fun than I am. And he lets them win at Wii boxing. I miss him because he does laundry :) Oh, and the whole adult conversation thing that doesn't revolve around water in carpet is a big plus.

We are a little crazy with boredom. Of course I am big on saying if you are bored you aren't looking hard enough. Ummmm... I am bored. I am saying this with a whiney voice too. Oh, and my tongue is not pierced as it looks in the picture. I have never been that cool.

And we are sad, because we miss daddy. Did I mention he typically does the laundry around here?

And we are grumpy. There are so many levels of grumpy around here right now. There is the I am so sick of the phone and being afraid of a grey sky kind of grumpy. There is the whole "my Wii fitness age is 77" kind of grumpy. What is up with that? And there is the whole fact that the Wii is NOT the same as running around outside.

And we are happy. Because, well, we got a Wii. (I know, this post is a little bipolar, but hey, so is my life.) The day before Father's Day my mother called me in her best drug dealer-like manner and was all like "hey, I have this Wii if you are interested." She picked one up for my brother-in-law but he had already found one. And since electronics are my drug I was all like, "heck yeah, what budget?"

So here we are. Doing goofy stuff like this. And I am sure the boy is up to some kind of world domination plan. Look at his face here. Actually scroll through all the pics and just concentrate on his face. I am stuck in the house with this. I am turning grey.

Sure, he looks sweet, but underneath that cheeky little smile lies a ninja, jedi, soldier, Indiana Jones, super hero, robot. Driving him to run around the house with wild abandon and driving me to drink. (Well, longing to anyway.)

Not this gap grinned ball of sweetness. She is just suffering from empathy. She is worrying about the flooded people, storms in general and about her daddy. This is a whole different thing making me grey. Because I worry about her worrying and I also share those same exact worries. That is a lot of worry.

I am thinking about turning off the phones for a couple hours this afternoon. I am not saving the world by manning the phones and let's face it, I am not even saving carpets anymore. It is way past that point. Right now I am just sort of an alternative form of therapy. I've talked to so many people who are in varying levels stress, even despair. But it is getting to me, to us. I can't even imagine being in Wisconsin or Iowa right now as our town isn't nearly as bad as those places that are getting hit over and over, because this has been so intense. And I am not forgetting that there are people with reason to despair out there, and next to that my family missing the sunshine is NOTHING. I get that. What I am having a hard time with is how to transition between crisis time and normal time. Being a person who wasn't overly effected by the flood but being in constant contact with people who have been makes me all kinds of twisted up inside. And then trying to squeeze in being a good mom on top, in the middle and underneath all of that.

Well, anyway, that is where we're at. Thanks for listening :)


Maria said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these picture! Wonderful...even your little world domination man.
And a bipolar post...I'm so glad, cuz I have that too, for various reasons and I feel SO not alone.
ah, we'll all get thru this..especially if there are those adorable gap toothed grins in the mix!

Mommylion said...

The gap toothed grins are the reason for getting through it all, no? And for the little world domination men too :)

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

Oh, what great and fantastic pictures! How I loved seeing them.