Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ever feel guilty for something that is impossible to be responsible for?

A few months ago I wrote to a pen pal about tornados. About how we never get them and how that is one of the reasons I choose to live here after a childhood spent in Iowa. Then a week later we got one. Nothing devastating, but the noise and wind and experience of it was enough to bring back some of those childhood basement moments. Since then we have had three tornado events this spring. And we have no tornado sirens.

Then, later I wrote somewhere about floods in response to how many floods were taking place around the country. Again, how we don't tend to get them. It's been over twenty years, yada, and so on...

THEN. The heavens opened and nature poured out it's wrath and all that dramatic stuff...

Guilt. I am feeling superstitious guilt. Like in if I would have just kept mum about our fortune then I wouldn't have angered the jealous gods or something along those lines. Sigh. Must go make offerings or something now. Any suggestions?

It didn't rain last night even though it loomed and it was predicted. The sun is out today. The boys are back in the trenches and I am still at the phones, but everyone is regrouping. It will sort out. I mourn for the folks in Iowa. I can't even imagine.

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Maria said...

I my goodness Candy!! I just caught up on your blog and WOW, I had no idea it was so bad for you right now! Our warm wishes and thoughts are with you all and hoping you make it thru this sanely, safely and gluten free...but hey, if you have to "cheat" I think it's okay under the circumstances (raw chocolate???)

Much love from us here in Maine!