Friday, June 13, 2008

Party at my house!

We had one of the worst and longest storms I've seen in our area last night. We even had hours of tornado warnings which is really rare for us. We get intense damaging winds sure, sometimes water spouts (we're three blocks from Lake Michigan), but funnel clouds tend to hop over us and eat the barns the next town over. Not last night. It was like hell was having a party on my town last night. And the lightning! Wow. And now the flooding... not cool, very not cool.

Now the pictures of my town on our local news site are intense. One of our employees is trapped in his house as his whole area is now a lake. Today by nine thirty I have practically given up answering the business phone. I just want to answer saying "My basement is flooded too! Come on over. Bring some drinks. Gluten free if possible." (Note to self, find out if that is possible. Find out soon.) "End of the world party at my house."

Seriously though. Reading my google reader is a bit sobering the last couple days. Wild fires on both sides of the country. Flooding down the middle. And now the tempest knocking on my own door. Crazy stuff! Being a mother has seriously messed up my capacity to deal with natural disasters. Not only do I get to a whole new level of stressed while they are occurring than I ever did pre-child, something instinctual kicks in when even strangers call me with that panic, over-wrought sound in their voice. Instead of cool calm business me, I just want to help fix it. But there is no fixing all this yet. Most of town are in a state of emergency. So I am taking deep breaths and wishing I knew more yoga.

The irony of all is I have some customers calling to cancel their jobs due to flooding and at the same time people are calling us to fix their flooding.(Carpet cleaning business. And when water is coming in your walls, honey - a carpet cleaner isn't the answer. Not yet anyway.) And when I say call, I mean pleading, pulling rank with fancy titles, crying. That sucks. So far no one has tried to bribe me. Why is that? It is okay to intimidate, but not bribe? Come on people, what is up with that? Just kidding. I am slap happy after all this ruckus. I hate turning people away. I hate it when they are totally rude about minor issues that they could actually fix themselves when there are people with some serious issues happening. I hate hearing all the emergency helicopters and stuff. We are actually fine, just about eight inches in our cement basement. I still have power and internet for goodness sakes. It a bit surreal considering most of the town is without power and calling me from spotty cell phone lines.

Anyway. Tequila I am guessing is gluten free. I'll make bean dip. Come as you are.

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