Friday, June 13, 2008

Rain Go The Heck Away!!!

Update: My county is in a local state of emergency and is expected to be declared a disaster area. How awful and just out of the blue this has been. I live in a tourist town and the place is usually so beautiful it is so odd to see the pictures of the destruction. Wondering how long it will bear the scars of this event. Wondering how bad it will get before it gets better. I haven't been out of the house. We aren't supposed to be on the roads if necessary, and I've been taking all the emergency flood calls for our business. And I am really edgy, wanting to don waders and go do something to help. My husband is out doing a seemingly endless and futile job of getting water out of places and hoping it doesn't return. Last time I talked to him he could barely speak.

For any of my extended family that might be reading this. My mom, sister and I are all fine. And so far our homes are hit minimally from all this. If you try to call and can't get through, the power, phone and cable comes and goes. Cell phone reception has been pretty bad too. The only thing I am missing is hot water because my hot water heater is under water in my basement. I can deal with that. So far my mom's basement is dry, though her neighbor's is flooded. And my sister's house is dry.

The media name for all this (of course) is the Friday the 13th Flood.


Sky is clouding up again and so is my mood. We already have too many roads and bridges washed out. We just might end up with a party at our house tonight, but it would be a pretty solemn one that resembles something more like an emergency shelter for some friends whose homes are losing a battle with a river. And still I have power and cable? Weirdness...

Got my fridge stocked with water. What am I missing?


Katherine said...

You are missing red wine and chocolate. These things are medically necessary. They keep adults from killing children when everyone is sheltered in together.

Good luck!

Katherine said...

Wait, I just read your other post. Oh my gosh, it sounds intense over there. I'm really sorry.

I soooooooooo hear you about being a mother and natural disasters. I am Way more reactive and prone to worry. It sucks to feel that way while trying to project Calm Controlled Level Thinking.

Sending strength. love, K

Mommylion said...

Thanks Katherine. The sky just keeps getting darker and I admit I am feeling the same way inside. More rain will make us look like Iowa looks right now. I've heard too many bad stories today. I've had over sixty calls, and only one was a happy one. (Massage therapist, bless her.)

I feel like I am the only person in the world with internet, phone and cable here. It is so weird and lonely. Goodness, aren't I a mess? I think chocolate and wine are just what I need!