Monday, July 7, 2008

Dollhouse decisions

I have been interested in mucking out my long suffering dollhouse and making another go at it. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy decorating the dollhouse. I just hate building it. It's the glue I think, and the way it goes everywhere but where it should. Like my clothing and hair, oh and onto my furniture, not to mention deciding at the last moment to actually glue the target walls together, but only after they are just crooked enough to not allow the floors to be attached.

This picture my daughter took last month, properly highlighting its current role as small craft crap organizer. I am all about multi-purpose items.
That is still where I am at.

And these pictures I took LAST YEAR? Actually, last year it looks cleaner and more do-able.



So, anyway - I've been tinkering and lately whenever I show interest in doing something, someone else in the family takes notice.

Suddenly, the reality of building TWO dollhouses looms. Because the above child is driven to have one of her own. And just to be clear, not in a spoiled child sense, but in the way that she wants to build it, engineer it, conquer it, in a way her mother has failed completely. And I am pretty confident she will be up for the task. I should just give her mine. But I have pride. Pride I say. I will finish it and ENJOY it, dammit.

The choice is between these little pretties. These are both small and inexpensive. Great starter homes. :)
The Primrose.
Or the 'haunted' house. Unhauntified of course.

I am feeling a little silly by how daunting this feels. Why am I doing it? For the same reason I stuck with cross country running in high school even though the coach's wife used to have to chase me with an umbrella to speed me up. I am stubborn. And I tend to learn the most from the things that are hardest for me. And for me life is mostly about learning. And well, look at her...
I am working on not automatically saying 'no'. This request is worthy. It will teach us both skills that I lack and that she could possibly never lack if we do this. If my six year old can face balsa, glue, levels and directions in a foreign language - so can I.

I am putting this goal out here in public to challenge me to actually do this. I want to. I am so intrigued with the fantasy miniatures and dollhouses that are on the web and see it as a way to link all the different crafty things I enjoy. Now that my daughter is involved it will help move me forward as I am a much less demanding boss than she tends to be. Maybe if she had an umbrella...


Camille Minichino said...

I say: buy some builders' "Caution" tape at a hardware store and drape it around the old house. Now focus on working with your daughter on the new house; you'll have so much fun and bonding time, you won't be aware of anything else!

She is a treasure; thanks for sharing.

Camille/Margaret Grace

Mommylion said...

That is great advice :)

Jean said...

Surfed on from somewhere over the rainbow because really, I don't know how I landed here, karma I suppose.

I laughed at this post. I have several rehab doll houses and noticed lately my dh has been using them for his own train stuff storage when I am not fixing/playing with them.

Your house is super cute. Did you build/design it yourself or is it a kit?

Well in a few months your post will be nearly 3 years old, how about an update on your progress?
Did you ever get one for your daughter?