Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday fun!

Tourist in our own town day...
(The camera on my phone is terrible.)

We were walking the breakwall that leads out to the lighthouse. I didn't get a lighthouse shot because I couldn't tell if my phone was taking usable pictures at all, and it was crowded out there.


Every single time I visit the beaches and parks in my town I feel lucky. When I was a kid my family used to vacation here. After we moved I never got over the 'we are on vacation' feeling during the summer. When we are out playing that is. Not on Mondays when we are grumpy and working and stuff. Hmmm.... if I forwarded the business calls to my cell phone, technically I could work from the beach... goodness, that thought gets the wheels turning. And speaking of wheels....



It wasn't a planned new bike day. It was a random, mommy and daddy were on a 'date' and walking around downtown and stumbled into the local bike/kayak shop and found the coolest tricycle that we've ever seen. On sale. Our boy is very small and a bicycle is still a bit beyond him at this point, (not due to lack of trying). His old tricycle is too small and has no ability for speed. My husband and I both heard angels sing as we gazed upon this beauty. We just looked at each other, each with a stupid smile on our face, and much to the shock of the bike shop guys, we both practically shouted, "we'll take it." One guy actually whistled. The bike is seriously that cool.

I should have snapped more pictures, but we were all having too much fun taking turns standing on the back of the thing. It can hold an adult, and you can 'help' by pushing it like a scooter. Wow it was SO FUN! I am dragging out the camera for tomorrow's biking adventures for sure. Especially BECAUSE...

See his face? This "I am so happy that my brother is so happy," face? The face that quickly, and quietly turned to this one.

A little introspective at the fact that her brother has about the coolest trike ever, that we are all having a blast with and she has a teeny, tiny little bike that is pretty much impossible for her to ride now. This is the face that didn't know she was going with her daddy to get sized for a new two wheel bike! Wooohooo!

And did I take pictures of that homecoming and bike riding festival? Heck no, I am not that reliable. (And I am kicking myself.) But by then we all had our bikes out, attaching the new bike rack to the car. Bike rack! Car! Big bikes! Yay! We are mobile. I could never get into the baby carriers behind the bike thing. Those freak me out. And I LOVE my bike. I have been waiting for this day for sooooooooooooo long!

It actually wasn't as impulsive as it sounds. Though impulsive is fun, I am not knocking it. We've been wanting to buy the kids new bikes, or scooters. It has been a problem, with the little guy being well, such a little guy and my girl not overly motivated for big scary machines that represent the two wheel world she is sized to inhabit. She got over it though once she set foot in the bike shop armed with the knowledge that one of the machines could come home with her if she so chose. Oh, and she chose. And I had tears in my eyes at how big she looked on her bike. How confident and capable.

It wasn't that long ago that they looked like this...

I cried on this day too. She looked big to me on this bike.

Wee bike-lings. I didn't find this the most fun stage of development. They enjoyed riding, but it involved way too much of me for my taste. I like to see kids riding like the wind, you know? My bike was one of my favorite childhood things. It was my horse, my circus trick bike, my motorcycle. I did very stupid things on my bike. Definitely got hurt on it. But that powder blue beauty with a flower basket and banana seat was about as perfect an object that summer can bring. I want my kids to have that freedom and fun too. And now they will!

And a side note... we did get them helmets. Just in case anyone was worried. :)

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