Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today's Mini Thing: July 8


Filled out the bed's 'tree' legs with paperclay. I so love this stuff. I made a halloween mask from it last year (which I never photographed finished), but almost ruined it for use with super stinky adhesive that rendered it useless as a mask for a long time. But the paperclay was a supreme material to work with and paint.


I then used up the little chunk of clay by shaping little circles and moons to use later in decorating the dollhouse. I stamped them with the bindi stampers I got from Second-Cousin Traveling Amy.

Bindi stamps and powders. I think I might even use the bindi powders for color effects when it is time to paint the bed and baubles. They are so vibrant and shimmery. Perfect for a fairy-themed dollhouse, I think.

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