Sunday, August 10, 2008

Art Fair Day

Today I supported the local artists. I love the art fair. Our town hosts two giant ones each summer. But usually it is so hot that I truck through the booths just to see what I am not going to stop to buy. Today was a lovely fallish day. Perfect for walking slowly through the art fair, chatting with artists and making impulse purchases.


This is the most gorgeous bowl ever. I love the colors. We left this to browse other things and to give us 'think on it' time and decided it was very worth it. When we came back to buy it had been moved. For a brief bit I thought someone had bought it while I was trying to be responsible. So when I spied it on the shelf... had to have it. And I am so glad I did, especially since while I was at the booth there were a couple women that were being so snooty. Loudly calling the guy untalented and pointing out flaws in his work. WHY? People can be such jerks.

Okay, I know in any craft there are certain desirable standards created by different fine art authority people, and all that crap. But I actually know a bit about pottery. I studied it for awhile. I befriended an AMAZING potter who told me the best thing I could do for myself if I wanted a career in the field was to marry rich and to get a job at a frame shop. (His wife was a successful lawyer.) I actually did get a job at a frame shop. I was offered the position on the same day he told me that little gem of advice actually. Cool story, but I am talking about rude people here. Not how I failed to marry rich. (Opted for happiness instead and I only regret it on Mondays.)

Anyway. Back to the rude people. The guy I bought the bowl of gorgeous colors from (which my new camera doesn't capture at all) had a "booth" which was really a rectangle of homemade shelves and tables. He had no tent to cover him from the glaring sun. He wrapped his pottery well, in recycled bags and newspaper. No fancy bags with logos and stickers. No business card, brochure, website. He didn't carry the typical high revenue 'collections' of pottery. Where someone might drop a couple hundred dollars (at least) to have a set of matching mugs, pitcher, cream & sugar set, bowls, platter, etc. This little dude just had random artsy pieces. Full of color and whimsy. He did this for love, not a paycheck. You are either gonna dig his imperfect genius or hate it. But WHY would anyone hang out in his little rectangle of pottery love just to say mean things? It doesn't even make sense to me.

New camera not catching the magnificence of this piece at ALL. Bummer.

So that sealed it. I had to knocked those jerks out of the way to buy this bowl. And then this cup too. Now, the cup was a total impulse buy and I have already used it many times today. Totally worth it.

These we got from a local hippy woman that was probably the nicest person I have ever talked to. Lotion, massage oil and bath oil. The thing is, the lotion smells amazing in the bottle. But I have this weird chemistry that makes most scents turn overly sweet when they sink into my skin. And for whatever reason, I forgot to test this at the booth. I just was so in love with the smell. (And I usually don't do smelly stuff so I am out of practice.) So now I have this huge lotion that feels awesome on but smells blah. I want to mix something spicy in with it, or citrus maybe. Does anyone know how to do this? Would I just add some essential oils to the lotion? Or is it too late to add stuff. I am lotion disabled. I've tried google, but haven't had luck on learning how to add scents after the fact yet.

The last thing I bought was an amazing photograph from someone I work with at my fake job. I don't have a picture of it because we ordered a big unframed print from him. I would send you to his website but he doesn't have one either! I'd give him heck over that, but he is a new daddy and is a full time (overtime is more like it) photographer for the local paper and does this art show thing on the side. I suppose he's a bit stretched for time. The poor darlin was so bumblingly embarrassed about telling me how much his print would be. You can tell he is new to the game. Like he can't believe he is asking someone for money for a picture he took. I am all like, own it baby. Just tell me the price, because it is worth whatever you say. I just need to know if I can afford it now or need to save up for it for later.

I always want to hug the artists that get all trippy about pricing their pieces. It is cute and sad because people can be really loudly opinionated without thinking about the time, effort, and bravery that goes into showing at an art fair. The people walking around gawking at this gorgeous stuff are not taking the time to make enough art to fill a booth. Let alone giving up a weekend to sit here selling it. If you can do that, you are an artist and should never feel bad naming a price for your art. Even when the weird self appointed judges of artistic talent wander through and critique your stuff loudly and ignorantly. Don't wonder if you have talent, or lower your prices and aspirations. You never know when someone will shove those doubt-makers aside and throw money in your face because your art touches their soul.

Okay, that ended up a longish rantish sort of post. I had intended a light fluffy post about my new art. But I guess the hecklers bugged me more than I realized. So I guess the moral of the story is to buy impulsively from artists whenever possible and together we can end the tyranny of the self-important critical ones. The end.

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