Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Awwww... shucks.

Rae over at Rae of Sunshine passed on this award to me because I let her say hotel sex on my blog. I think this is an awesome reason to win an award, but I may be biased. I love Rae's blog because she is so upbeat and fun. I am supposed to pass on the award, which is the whole point - so people can find new blogs and all. But it seems like either the people I would tag have it already, or are on a blog holiday, or are going through some stuff in life and might not want curious blog traffic at this time. And there are also a couple blogs that I lurk on enough to feel like part of the crowd, but the owners would be like, thanks for the award, but WHO are you? Yeah, I am bad like that.

So because I think I am supposed to fill out the questions that go with the award and I dig doing stuff like this - hence having a blog to begin with... I am going to go ahead and do so and beg forgiveness for chickening out on the pass it on part. :)

A. attached or single? attached

B. best friend? husband

C. cake or pie? yes, please

D. day of choice? Friday afternoon or Saturday

E. essential item? computer

F. favorite color? jewel tones

G. gummy bears or worms? chocolate

H. hometown? here

I. favorite indulgence? nap

J. January or July? January, because the husband's business is slow in the winter and he is around a lot.

K. kids? underfoot, coming out of my ears, screaming in the bedroom - oops better go check on that... Just three young people around here, but today it seems like more...

L. life isn't complete without? family time spent together

M. marriage date? March 23

N. number of brothers & sisters? one younger sister and a few other long stories

O. oranges or apples? apples

P. phobias? walmart

Q. quotes? A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man. - ee cummings. Not really my favorite, but apt for the season, eh?

R. reasons to smile? I get to be home with my kids and they get to be home with me.

S. season of choice? fall

T. tag seven peeps! Uggg.... social anxiety setting in.

U. unknown fact about me? syndactily

V. vegetable? broccoli

W. worst habits? tantrums

X. x-ray or ultrasound? I don't want to know...

Y. your favorite food? a meal someone else prepared

Z. zodiac sign? Scorpio, and I own it baby

Okay, my kid is yelling, "There is evil afoot!" Must go see if someone or something needs exorcized. Not that I am qualified for such an activity, but wouldn't that put some spice into an otherwise quiet Wednesday?

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rae said...

Hey chickie. I love your answers. BTW - your comment on my blog (from the 18th for crying out loud) just showed up out of the ether. Don'tcha just love blogger?