Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fantasize much?

See it more clearly here. And seriously. Do it. Give a scrawny guy an accent, some booze, and some funky punky polka band thing and I am all screaming fangirl.

I spent HOURS tonight discovering Gogol Bordello. Oh. My. God. Suddenly I am young twenties again and traveling somewhere, anywhere, broke, full of mischief and life. This takes me right back to my old school lusts like The Pogues and Ashley MacIsaac, though they are more are the Celtic brand of dirty sexy musicians and Gogol's all Slavic hotness. I found it on a blog somewhere today and would give credit for it but can't remember where so thanks random blogger, this made me crazy happy.

My husband's all shaking his head like "WHAT kind of woman did I marry?" Ha! As if he didn't know....


Mrs.Q said...

OMG that is priceless! (I, too, loved the Pogues and dear ol' Ashley...) For some Canadian content with the Slavic/klezmer sound (though a bit edgier lyric-wise, maybe) check out Geoff Berner:

Mommylion said...

Oh, yes. I went and checked out Geoff Berner and wow! Thank you for the tip. "That's What Keeps the Rent Down, Baby" is my new favorite song.

It is always good to meet someone that shares some of my taste in music. As you can imagine, it doesn't happen every day :)