Friday, August 15, 2008

My husband has a secret

It is a good secret. But it is starting to drive me a little crazy.

See my husband in this picture? He's on the far right running through the playground with my kids. This photo sort of defines him.

He is fun. Exactly the kind of fun that enjoys running like a child through a playground. The kind of fun that likes to pick on the people he loves like the sarcastic little brother he is. And he is picking on me. Oh lord, is he picking on me. Because he knows I like to KNOW things. And he's been planning a mini-vacation for the two of us and won't let me know what it is. Isn't that so frustratingly sweet?

But here is what I know:

• He's lined up my mother to watch my kids for a long weekend in early September. When I confronted my mom and asked her if Marc had been talking to her about certain "plans". The freaked out look on her face and her asthma attack made me realize all the 'clues' my husband has been strewing were real.

• My husband doesn't fly. He isn't discounting it for the future, but I assume he wouldn't be planning his first flight without me knowing about it first as I imagine I would be his pre-flight counselor. So this means our trip involves a drivable distance or somewhere near enough to reach by train for a long weekend mini vacation.

• However, he keeps leaving clues about Las Vegas, but I think that is only because he knows I really don't want to go there. (The messing with me thing he likes to do.) Though he mentioned wanting to get our vows renewed by Elvis and part of me would dig that. I could see him taking a plane to go to Vegas, unlike me, he has a hankering for the place.

• My husband does not camp. I am trying to wear him down on this, but I don't imagine him changing his stance on camping any time soon. In fact, I am guessing he has booked a hotel room that I would never entertain in a million years. I tend to book according to price and he insists he has loftier needs.

• My secret guess (and it is a secret because he doesn't read my blog), is that we are headed up to the little northern Michigan town where we spent our honeymoon. I mentioned this once and couldn't really read his reaction. The only thing that makes me think this might NOT be it, is he was really agonizing over where to stay, and he has favorite places to stay already picked out there.

I love knowing things. If I were to have to name my main hobby it would be research. I am usually the one who figures out our trips, does the map-questing, hotel calling, price hunting. I find the restaurants, events, parking, everything - it is what I do. Being out of the loop is sort of lovely, but as it draws closer I get more antsy. I could totally snoop, or I could even get him to spill as I know part of him wants to. But... I just don't know. It is a good problem to have but I will have a hard time leaving the kids without knowing where I am headed.

So anyway, there it is. My lovely problem. Do I snoop? Do I get him to tell me? Do I chill out and enjoy? I used to pride myself in spontaneity, maybe now that my kids are a little older I need to embrace that dusty part of myself.

And shhhhh.... Don't tell my husband that this is eating me so much. He likes to pick on me by throwing all these unknowns in my face. But I enjoy frustrating him back by acting all "meh, whatever". You know, like ignoring the boy you have a crush on. Pretending it is no big thing. It's just the way we do romance, playground-style.


rae said...

Love that. Love. That. Have a fantastic time - and can I say hotel sex on your blog? ;-)

Mommylion said...

Ha, Rae, you can say hotel sex on my blog, however it will cause me to laugh so hard that diet pepsi will shoot out of my nose and cover my keyboard. :) And that will cause my husband to ask me what I am laughing so hard at...

Good thing he starts to yawn as soon as I say the word 'blog'.