Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poachers are quick...

I just got a call on my business phone. It a salesman from 'something, something syndicate' and they wanted to let me know they wanted to republish the article about me that ran in my local paper. They were kind, excited about the article, happy to reprint it because 'that is the kind of piece they do'. Then on and on, not answering my questions. Not even repeating the name of the organization when I requested it. Not being clear what exactly was being published, where and when.

Just needed my email address and fax number so they could send me a proof. Then they would send me a commemorative plaque, oh and you know how everyone uses google? They will put it up on google for free, for a month and I would see how that would help my businesses google rankings. On and on, sweet and flowery. Just needed my email, fax and address. Never answering any of my questions. And I had a huge one. (One even bigger than how in the heck does one 'put something up on google'?)

Like, wtf are you doing trying to sell me the article I WROTE??? Because, see, I am a freelancer and I wrote the whole entire special section she was poaching from. Basically advertorials for local business women, (and embarrassingly enough, yes, I had written one for myself, but only because I make my husband do one when it is the boys' turn - and fair is fair.) But miss sunny britches was going down the list of these women acting like some kind of AP syndicate person who will reprint these articles in some mystery publication then send you copies (and bills) of a proof for a plaque and 'to be put up on google'.

Ummm... I am afraid once I realized I wasn't going to be given any information about this company, and I had no name or number from the caller ID, (unknown origin), I wasn't very pleasant to the person. In fact I let her know that I she had the misfortune of running into the point of origin for those pieces and as soon as I hung up I'd be contacting the newspaper she was poaching from. Not that they can do anything about it.

I wonder if the woman who called even knew what she was doing was wrong? Or if she believed she was offering people a service that she herself would want if she had an article (advertorial - way less cool) printed about her in the paper. She must have one of the least fun jobs in the world whether she knows or not. And today, I didn't make her job easier.

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Katherine said...

Oh yeah! Kicking Butt!

Can't wait to see all the new photos with your sweet new camera. Maybe you can stalk stalking poachers and post their photos for them on google...

: ) K